Monsters are real and they are hiding all over the place, mostly in the forest where they can blend in … and they are AWESOME!

//about the creator//

Hello, I am Megan, friend to all the little people of the forest. I am the human designer behind BIGoakCO offering handmade jewelry using natures treasures, from Waterloo Ontario.

I am a self taught artist in all my artistic works, as most of my life I believed future me was to be a ballerina. My large family all seemed to have creative skills, and eventually I shifted my skills to creating rather than entertaining.

//about the work//

Jewelry works from BIGoakCO are handmade in small batches using upcycled jewelry along with sticks, twigs and wire.

Clothing and accessories from BIGoakCO are designed and crafted by myself in small collections using recycled fabrics with a vintage Bohemian flair.

//behind the name//

I am a dreamer, living inside this imaginary bubble where, quite often, fantastical things occur if you’re looking in the right direction.

One day, we were on our usual forest walk, and we saw an old and dying tree sitting in the middle of a lush forest. Feeling like it needed it, we sprinkled some wild flower seeds (which we just happened to be carrying) around the base and left it for the night. The next time we saw the tree it had magically transformed into a majestic beauty. For real. The flowers had sprouted and found their way, winding up the trunk and all around the tree. Like magic.

After this, we stared seeing tiny creatures peeking out of the foliage, watching us as we walked along. From there we were introduced to the hidden world of the magical forest creatures. The tree was their home and all they needed was a little help from some dreamers. So, we help them by presenting our human treasures and helping to care for their home, while they help us find beautiful gifts of the forest to create our jewelry. Sometimes they even sit long enough for me to capture a quick sketch.

We welcome you into this fantastical world with us, and please come back often.

Owner, designer, friend to all the forest little people.


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