Not so much a resolution, but a way of life

Over my years I’ve attempted resolutions like exercise more, eat less crap, save money…. But it’s all Blah blah blah. They never stick. They are nice little lies we tell ourselves because we all know, if you can’t make it happen on a regular day, what’s so magical about December 31st that will make the words suddenly work this time?

So no, my friends, I do not have a resolution, but rather I will share my life goal:


Cuz it’s always there. There’s always a silver lining, you just have to change your point of view to see it.


Only you can change the way you feel; The way you think; The way you handle the situations around you. So when you find yourself in the darkness, where most might be afraid of the unknown, be strong and look for a light, a star, to guide you.

Find hope, and reach for it.
Find joy, and hold onto it.

Merry New Year my friends
And may this new year change everything.

Happy trails!! Gypsy Train