November sun!


I don’t know about you but this week has me all turned around. We just pulled out the winter hats and scarves before Halloween, and I had contemplated shopping for a new winter jacket. But now, we are getting some abnormally warm weather here in Ontario. Today started at 10 degrees in the early morning (OK… 7 am) and by lunch we were all in our tshirts, workin on our fall tan. Last week, just to give you and idea, it was 3 degrees at 7 am, and if we were lucky, it hit 6 degrees by noon. But there’s always a reason….

Some guy, who goes by the name of a meteorologist, says it’s the aftermath of a storm in some place called Mexico…. But remember how I said that there was a magic forest stone, and it reflects the emotions of it’s keeper? Well gosh darn it, the safe keeper, Bopperstien, has caught himself a bit of a fall flu and is burning up. So his fever is heating up everything around the tall forest, and it’s so strong it’s reaching all across Ontario! Thankfully this means a super warm November for all of us, but poor little guy.

I have to say he’s a definitely a dedicated keeper, unless it’s just that his fever has stared to get the better of him. Mercidian, his tiny mouse friend, has been trying to help him get well and pass the stone onto another, but Bopperstien’s holding onto it so tight, fighting with vigorous force anyone who tries to remove it from his side as if he’s defending the Queen from evil bats. Poor Mercidian just doesn’t have the ninja skills to rescue the stone.

Be well tiny keeper. And his poor little nurse.