Mad rush before the holiday (Halloween that is)

This past weekend, Value village was both beautiful and annoying all at once.

Such a rush of emotions flowing through me. Joy and happiness watching everyone run about, searching for articles of their ingenious costumes. Then intense panic cuz what if someone else already grabbed what I needed! And then anger as every isle was blocked with so many Gosh darn people stuck in LA LA land, trying to picture their outfit and certainly not paying attention to the multitude of people building up behind them. Plus the more I detoured from my route, the more I found to purchase that was NOT part of the Halloween costumes.

Ahhhhh the joy +pain of Halloween.

Today’s visit was originally costume related. I needed a few more purple things, and of course, found a ton. The skirt I had originally designed wad too thick and bulky. I felt like the abominal snowman/hatter so I needed something lighter, But still funky weird. And what luck, I found this gold + purple plaid nylon that’s perfect! Well in my head it is. Still have to sew it into the skirt.


I’m undecided still on weather I should wear a blouse or a frilly corset tank. But I’m hoping with the skirt complete it will be easier to decide.