Peek into my life: Halloween prep

I love creating. It’s the ONE thing I think I bring to the game. Not strength. Not strategic wit. Definitely not ninja skills. But if you need something made out of nothing, I got you covered….. Like a female magiver, minus the bomb making.

So my favourite time of year is Halloween because there are so very many things I could be creating.

Every year I do my thing, and create costumes for my family and friends…

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The kid as a viking warrior girl, and myself as the tooth fairy. (yes. Last year I was taller!)

This year the kid’s costume was toooooo easy – darn chorus line dancer. All that took was a trip to value village and some sequins! The husband, of course, is undecided like usual so he’s going to leave it another week or so… Which means more time for my costume!

The goal:


The process:

Made a base out of cardboard using this tutorial, and decided to cover it with paper mache instead of fabric.


Decided I also needed a teacup bracelet!


And then i painted the hat with purple and gold acrylic paint to match my skirt. Or, one of the skirts.  I like layers, and baby, this is the time of year to pile them on. Plus… Once a ballerina, always a ballerina where every skirt should be a tutu!!


Next I will be doing the sewing of these skirt layers. But here’s a seek peek….



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