A storm’s a brewin, and let me tell you why

I bet you think this cold cloudy day is just another fluke of nature, but no my friend. There’s so much more to the story.


Late last night there was a secret gathering in the dark parts of the tall forest. Sneaky plotting and devilish plans ensued as the troublesome sprites began to lead the evil minion trolls to wards the BIG Oak, home of the good fairies and the master jewel that controls the good powers of the forest.

This magical jewel not only gives the good fairies their power, but it also send out emotional vibrations from whomever has it in their posession. If the evil Queen was to get a hold of it the winds would become dangerously strong and the skies would turn black as her heart; Flowers would wither and turn to poison, and animals would suddenly turn on each other in fits of rage.

Unfortunately, in the wee hours of the morning the gruesome trolls finally broke through the protective walls of the big oak with an evil spell, and stole the magic jewel. Although a little slow from the spell, the good soldiers managed to stop them and steal the jewel back. Thinking they had won, the Good soldiers cheered and accidentally tossed the jewel into the air, letting it be once again retrieved by the gruesome trolls.

This went on for a few hours, back and forth the jewel went, and back and forth the dark clouds moved. We saw the sun, then in came the darkness, altering the weather every time the jewel changed hands, until an unfortunate Swift kick sent it flying too far, and it was lost in the dense bushes.

If you happened to be close enough to the tall forest today, you may have felt the changing yourself. Some are weaker than others and fell right into mean and moody, while those who are stronger may have experienced intense pain in both your head and eyes, as your body tried to fight off the evil.

And now, as darkness falls, somewhere in the forest lies the magical jewel. It’s indeed hidden from evil but unfortunately also hidden from good.

I do hope they find the jewel soon.
I miss the sun. And my head is killing me….